Analyze IQ Chemometrics Add-On

Analyze IQThe new Chemometrics Add-On, powered by Analyze IQ technology, brings sophisticated chemometric capabilities to Seahorse Scientific Workbench and AnIML-based workflows.

Analyze IQ technology allows accurate analysis of spectroscopic data in complex, real-world situations. It works with all forms of spectral data, including data from infra-red (IR), near infra-red (NIR), Fourier transform IR (FT-IR), Raman, x-ray fluorescence (XRF), Mass Spectrometry (MS), Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), and others.

With the Chemometrics Add-On, this technology becomes available from within Seahorse Scientific Workbench. Whenever working with a suitable data set, users can transparently use Analyze IQ technology for both quantitative and qualitative analysis of their spectral data.

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Technology Overview

In practical applications, mixtures of materials result in peaks in spectra that may mask or overlap each other, and there may be non‐linear relationships between spectrum responses and questions of interest.

Analyze IQ has a new model‐centric paradigm for spectral data analysis:

  • Prepare and store a range of materials of known composition
  • Select from a wide range of chemometric analysis methods, to construct analytical models that compactly summarize all of the spectral data
  • Unknown materials can be analyzed instantaneously and accurately using these analytical  models that have been tuned to answer specific questions

This paradigm offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • It separates model-building from model usage
  • You can package and deploy expert chemometric knowledge encapsulated in models

Chemometric models are built using a convenient authoring environment. They can then be applied even by non-experts, turning data into decisions quickly.

Integrated Experience

Through this joint offering, users receive chemometric capabilities in the convenience of their established Seahorse Scientific Workbench workflow. No application switching, cut&paste or file format conversions are needed. Users become productive quickly and with very little training.

Not only can users perform chemometric data analysis. They can also create sophisticated reports which contain chemometric results, model descriptions, traceability information. Reports are SciPDF-enabled, making them easy to share. This further enhancing the power and flexibility of the cross-technique report generator built into Seahorse Scientific Workbench.

This approach provides time savings, reduces friction and transcription errors. At the end, it provides a fully traceable documentation of the chemometric workflow in AnIML format.

Usage Scenarios

For a wide range of applications, it is essential to be able to assess mixtures accurately:

  • Pharmaceutical: Analyze IQ is applicable in a diverse range of analytical areas, including raw materials quality control (QC), formulation QC, tablet production, polymorph analysis, and characterization of hazardous materials.
  • Process Analytical Technologies: Analyze IQ can be used for quality control in process monitoring, and for monitoring of waste streams.
  • Forensics: Drug concentration is useful intelligence that indicates where on the ‘supply chain’ a narcotics seizure has originated. By being able to identify the diluting agents, more intelligence can be provided to law enforcement agencies.
  • First Responders: Analyze IQ can aid the identification of household poisons, unlabelled medicines, and hazardous materials, in combination with portable instrumentation.
  • Environmental: Raman instruments, in conjunction with Analyze IQ, can be used to identify unknown chemicals and other materials, and determine the concentrations of components.

Key Benefits

For Users of Seahorse Scientific Workbench For users of Analyze IQ Lab and Analyze IQ RealTime
  • state-of-the-art chemometrics, integrated into existing workflow
  • chemometric method and results fully documented in AnIML format
  • seamless integration, no conversion, cut&paste or application switching
  • familiar user interface, immediate productivity
  • improved instrument integration
  • rich data analysis and visualization capabilities
  • flexible reporting for your chemometric data
  • SciPDF for easy sharing of results
  • compliance with AnIML data standard


There is no charge for the integration module. Current customers may continue to use their existing Analyze IQ Lab and RealTime licenses. New licenses are available from your BSSN Software or Analyze IQ sales contact.

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