Sea Star Lab Information Hub

Next generation laboratory data management platform

Sea Star Lab Information Hub from BSSN Software is a lightweight repository for all your laboratory data. It represents a unique combination of a scalable file store and a comprehensive meta data repository and presents a more sustainable approach than traditional SDMS systems. The meta data capability allows not just tagging files with additional attributes, but to manage meta data as business objects that can put the data into context. This allows new ways of structuring and navigating repository data. No longer does a data store feel like an unstructured collection of files.

Sophisticated Meta Data Layer

Meta data layer to provide rich context to the Sea Star Lab Information Hub content. Meta data are handled as discrete objects that can have a life on their own. Users/Administrators can define your own entities to describe anything that provides useful context. This could include laboratories, instruments, studies, projects, SOPs, compounds or cost centers. Each entity can have arbitrary attributes and can be linked to other entities. So, if a data file includes a study ID, we would be able to link it with a given study object, which has additional information about this study, such as the compound, the test center, the study leader, cost center information and others.

Award-winning Presentation Layer

Sea Star Lab Information Hub uses the award-winning Seahorse service layer for presenting and processing of analytical and biological data sets, supporting chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, bioreactors, microplate readers, cell counters, bioanalyzers, balances, pH meters, and many other techniques used in laboratories. With this tool, users can easily interact with analytical data without needing access to the original instrument software. The analytical data set is kept in the context of the associated meta data, allowing efficient navigation.

Vendor-software independent Data Processing

You can even process raw chromatograms and spectra with peak finding, integration and quantitation algorithms. This allows keeping the data analysis separate from the original instrument software, making analysis methods portable across instruments.

State-of-the-Art Technology Stack

Sea Star Lab Information Hub is built on a modern and scalable technology stack, inspired by cloud and big data architectures. This allows to start with a small deployment, and to grow to a global multi-site system. Through its microservice architecture, the system is massively scalable and can allocate compute resources in an elastic manner, based on current load patterns.

Tailored for GxP Environment

The microservice approach lends itself very well to a modular validation strategy. Each component can be validated independently. Upgrades and changes can be isolated and have a low revalidation impact.

Features at a Glance

  • Stores and organizes all of your laboratory data
  • Sophisticated meta data management
  • Dynamic document streaming for large data sets
  • Quick and easy retrieval
  • Designed with long-term archiving in mind
  • Easy integration through open and well-documented interfaces
  • Works stand-alone or together with your existing scientific data management system