Seahorse Web Edition

Seahorse Web Edition is a web-based and mobile-enabled analytical data viewer. Make your analytical data available wherever it is needed: across the desktop, tablets and smart phones.

Screenshot Chrome UV Spectrum

Finally there is an analytical data viewer based solely on cutting edge HTML5 technologies. It offers desktop-like interactivity, including experiment navigation, zooming and panning. Gradually, additional current desktop features, such as data analysis and reporting, will be made available on the web as well.

Most modern web browsers, both desktop and mobile, are fully supported and provide a rich and imersive environment to explore analytical data. No browser plugins such as Adobe Flash or Oracle Java are required. This allows easy deployment and management and ensures a low footprint on existing IT infrastructures.

The Seahorse Scientific Workbench product family offers a unified environment to work with experiments of many types. It handles all common spectroscopy and chromatography techniques, along with a full range of detectors. Microplate-based experiments and bioassays are supported as well. Experiments can be enhanced with rich annotations, adding individual interpretations.

Screenshot Chrome UV Sample

Leveraging web and mobile technologies allows scientists to easily share data within the organization and with external collaborators. It enables contract laboratories to provide their clients with easy access to result data. It can also support larger organizations in effiently making data available in a centralized manner.

Beta program now open

Seahorse Web Edition is currently in private beta testing. We are now accepting additional beta testers.

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