Easy Deployment and Management

Seahorse Scientific Workbench offers three deployment models. They were designed with ease of management, distribution, installation and upgrading in mind – while accommodating specific customer requirements.

In the first two scenarios, the application is delivered via Java Webstart, an Oracle technology for seamless, zero-install deployment of Java application to desktop PCs. No installation is necessary on the client side. The only requirement is a working Java runtime. A Webstart Deployment Server hosts the application packages and delivers them to the client on demand. Updates can be deployed transparently using the same mechanism. Code is only executed on the client PC. The Webstart Deployment Server does not have access to any customer scientific data.

Additionally, a traditional local installation of our applications is supported.

Hosted Webstart

The Webstart Deployment Server resides in the cloud. It is fully managed by BSSN Software. BSSN Software utilizes a commercial high-availability hosting service. Service level agreements are available.

Besides a hosted Webstart deployment, BSSN Software also supports local deployment options. The following two local deployment modes are available:

In-house Webstart

In this scenario, the Webstart Deployment Server is placed on the customer network. It regularly synchronizes with a BSSN Software backend system to obtain current updates and patches. This synchronization can occur both online (across the Internet) and offline (using local media).

Clients only communicate with the local Webstart Deployment Server and do not need Internet connectivity.

Full local installation

BSSN Software can provide a standard Windows installer package which is executed locally on the clients. In this case, Webstart is not used at all. This allows installation on non-connected or isolated computers, especially in tightly-controlled laboratory environments.


The following table presents a set of pros and cons of each approach:

Hosted Webstart
In-house Webstart
Local Installation
Server Location Managed by BSSN Software Customer network, regularly synchronized to BSSN Software backend none
Update installation effort low, automatic, instantaneous low, automatic, on demand with a slight synchronization delay high, installer package needs to be pushed to each client
Client-side installation effort none, accessed through web link none, accessed through web link installer needs to be executed
System requirements for Client PC Java Runtime Environment Java Runtime Environment none, JRE is included in installer
Citrix deployment possible yes yes yes
Client deployment possible yes yes yes

Terminal Service Notes

All three deployment models fully support deployment in a terminal service environment (such as Windows Terminal Services or Citrix). BSSN Software support can assist you when evaluating the pros and cons of a terminal service deployment.