Seahorse Scientific Workbench

Seahorse Scientific Workbench allows scientists to accurately capture and review laboratory experiments with an unprecedented depth, no matter which instruments or measurement techniques were used.

Seahorse Scientific Workbench is a vendor-neutral software suite for capturing, analyzing and sharing analytical data. It consolidates raw and result data from multiple experimental techniques in a single tool, based on the emerging ASTM AnIML Data Standard.

Today's laboratory processes often combine several analytical and process techniques. Seahorse Scientific Workbench captures each step of such a workflow and presents it in its entirety.

An intuitive workflow allows scientists to explore experiments and samples, independent of the original vendor software. Powerful visualization, annotation and reporting features provide the necessary support. This makes data review and interpretation easy and productive.

Raw data can be captured directly from instrument software and is stored together with interpreted results, images and annotations. Data from different instruments peacefully coexists on the same screen. Support for data standards like AnIML, ANDI, GAML, JCAMP-DX, mzData, mzML, SEDD and SciPDF facilitates interoperability and integration. Seahorse works with all of BSSN Software‘s Instrument Data Converters. This lets you use raw instrument data files from many vendors transparently in your workflow – without opening the original instrument software.

Seahorse Scientific Workbench is the first full commercial implementation of the AnIML Data Standard. Any data created is saved in the standard AnIML format, making it easy to share and archive.

Seahorse Scientific Workbench is available for Microsoft Windows and MacOS X.