Magellan Contract Research Manager

Magellan Contract Research Manager software streamlines the interaction with CROs, increasing your return on investment. It provides effective workflows for result delivery, data review, quality control, and performance metrics.

More and more pharmaceutical companies utilize the services of contract research organizations (CROs) and contract laboratories. To yield the expected benefits, such outsourcing arrangements need to be implemented and managed carefully. While generally cost-effective, CRO arrangements often suffer from integration pains and transparency issues, diluting the return on investment. Contract Research Manager addresses these challenges in a holistic manner, allowing organizations to reap the full benefits of CRO and contract laboratory services.


A powerful process management system forms the heart of the system. It manages work orders and facilitates the automated transfer of results from the CRO to the customer. Analytical data is captured with a vendor-independent mechanism, built on the emerging AnIML data standard. This allows arbitrary instrument data to be managed by the system.

A sophisticated data review platform displays data from many different experimental techniques: screening, spectroscopy, chromatography, biological and medical imaging in a single place. This ensures traceability and makes data review easy and efficient.

Quality Control

Magellan Contract Research Manager allows managing quality control and approval workflows on both ends: at the CRO and at the customer side. Before results are released to the customer, data is reviewed by the CRO. After successful review, it is transfered to the customer, where incoming data can undergo another review process. On both ends, BSSN Software offers a sophisticated vendor-independent data review and analysis platform, based on Seahorse Scientific Workbench.

Cross-Organizational Data Flow

Magellan Contract Research Manager strictly controls the visibility of data. The native data systems on either side are never exposed to the outside. Instead, Contract Research Manager establishes a bridge between such systems and enforces a well-defined data flow pattern. This ensures privacy and prevents a negative impact on the data systems on either side. Existing data systems, such as LIMS and ELNs, are not replaced but integrated.

Dashboards, Process Insights and Metrics

Over the course of regular usage, Magellan Contract Research Manager gathers process data metrics and makes them available for analysis. User-configurable dashboards keep everyone in the loop on how projects are progressing. This helps identify bottlenecks and alerts scientists of breakthrough findings. Users can subscribe to email notifications and RSS feeds to be alerted whenever something happens that meets their interests. From the dashboards, users can drill down to experiment and screening details, even down to the underlying raw data whenever needed.

Deploying Magellan Contract Research Manager leads to improved quality, traceability, visibility and communication. It allows leveraging CRO arrangements at their full potential. Call BSSN Software today to learn how it can work for you.