Sea Shell BioProcess Manager

The next-generation bioprocess development and execution platform.

Sea Shell BioProcess Manager from BSSN Software is a sophisticated software suite for bioprocess development and execution. It supports scientists throughout cell banking, media preparation, upstream cell culturing (fed-batch and perfusion) and downstream purification. Analytical data (in-process and external) is collected and stored in the context of each batch. Deep real-time instrument integration allow continuous monitoring of fermenters and purification systems. Dashboards available for immediate assessment of culture health, project status and new incoming results.

Supporting a quality-by-design paradigm, the system aggregates process analytical data to determine and tune the Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) and Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and can support an organization's PAT efforts.

Sea Shell BioProcess Manager combines the power of a metadata repository, workflow engine, analytical data integration and data analysis tools to generate new insights.

Features at a glance

  • upstream process development (fed-batch and continuous perfusion)
  • downstream process development (capture, purification/intermediate, polishing)
  • analytics (in-process and external)
  • analytical request tracking
  • workflow management
  • deep instrument integration, including raw data
  • real-time culture status dashboard
  • detailed batch and run comparison and analysis
  • excellent analytical data handling capabilites
  • interfaces to statistics and data mining systems
  • full support of the AnIML data standard

New levels of insight and productivity

Improving the efficiency and the turn-around time for bioprocess development has a direct impact on the time to market and manufacturing yield of a product. The availability of live data for decision support allows quick reactions, conserving precious staff time, consumables and instrument utilization. Through an effective visualization engine, trends can be discovered and turned into actionable information.