Seahorse Scientific Workbench

The vendor-neutral software suite for capturing, reviewing and sharing analytical and biological data. Consolidate raw and result data from multiple experimental techniques in a single tool, based on the emerging AnIML data standard.

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Seahorse Web Edition

It's time for analytical data to meet the Web. Seahorse Web Edition is a highly interactive platform to enjoy analytical data on any web-connected computer or mobile device.

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Seahorse Mobile Edition

Bringing your scientific data to mobile devices. Using Seahorse Mobile Edition, users benefit from interactive raw data and result data from wherever they are.

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Sea Star Lab Information Hub

Sea Star Lab Information Hub is a lightweight and fast repository for all your laboratory data. It combines a scalable data lake and a comprehensive meta data repository.

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Sea Shell BioProcess Manager

The next-generation bioprocess development and execution platform. Manage your upstream and downstream processes with associated analytics in a single system. Real-time instrument integration, live dashboards and strong analytical data handling enable new levels of productivity.

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Magellan Contract Research Manager

Streamline the interactions with CROs, increasing your return on investment. Contract Research Manager provides effective workflows for result delivery, data review, quality control, and performance metrics.

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SciPDF Technology

SciPDF® makes it easy to store and share results. Better than traditional PDFs, SciPDF® files not only contain text and images, but also precise analytical raw and result data. SciPDF allows vendor-independent, ubiquitous access to your scientific reports, improving traceability and data quality.

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Instrument Data AnIML Converters

Convert your instrument data into the open AnIML format. Our converters are easy to use and seemlessly integrate with your existing laboratory informatics infrastructure.

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