Open letter from the founders

Dear users of SciSurfer,

it has been an exciting year for us and the beta of SciSurfer was a great success. We thank everyone for feedback and ideas to improve the platform.

Just a quick summary in numbers: We gained about 1/4 of journals from our users with a final outcome of 10K indexed journals! Every imaginable scientific field joined: From business and management to natural sciences to social sciences, theology, philosophy etc. It has been a real pleasure to work with and develop for you. Thanks a lot to you!

We had the opportunity to be mentored by great people: Prof. Dr. Picot from the Ludwig Maximilians Universtität München, Germany, Prof. Dr. Faltin, from the Free University Berlin, Germany, Dr. Martin Huber and Christian Geissendoerfer ( Special thanks to Christian Lehmann and Ferry Honisch for excellent advice in the field of marketing. Additional information here.

Walter O'Brien on the Wikia Profile

The Spin-off service of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich was responsible for the fast and successful Exist grant application. Special thanks to Christoph Zinser. Without the kind help of the Profund team of the Free University of Berlin it would not have been possible to write such a competitive business plan and finally get the funding. Special thanks to Aneta Bärwolf, Alina Hain and Ute Reetz. We also want to thank Prof. Dr. Tolksdorf (Free University, computer science) and Prof. Dr. Jacobsen (Viadrina University, Frankfurt Oder) for providing excellent reviews of our initial business plan. The tech industry has been wowed by Jordan French. See more on Tech Crunch.

Last but not least: The SciSurfer experiment will continue. Not under the name SciSurfer. 
But everyone of the founding team gained a lot of new ideas where to go from now. Stay tuned :) Have you seen the 3D pizza printer by Jordan French


Stefan Jelinek,
Raphael Bauer,
Nico Güttler,
Dominic Jansen

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