IQPC ELN Forum 2013

September 24-26, 2013

Berlin, Germany

IQPC ELN ConferenceThis year, the IQPC ELN event takes place in Berlin, Germany. It has a heavy focus on integration, standardization and interoperability in the ELN space. Burkhard Schaefer is contributing to the following sessions:

Panel Discussion: Defining the Industry Need for Data Standards for ELNs

Gerhard Noelken, Director of Informatics, Pfizer
Burkhard Schaefer, President, BSSN Software
John Trigg, Director, phaseFour Informatics

Several speakers from our expert speaker panel will get together to discuss and debate their interpretations and usage of data standards for their ELNs. Topics to be discussed:

  • What are data standards? – varying interpretations
  • Lessons learned from adopting data standards
  • Why are they necessary?

Invited Talk: Combining Cloud Technology and the AnIML Data Standard for Organization-Wide Access to Analytical Data

Burkhard Schaefer, President, BSSN Software

This talk investigates how organizations can benefit from data standards and cloud technologies to make analytical data available across organizational boundaries.

  • Building systems that scale well using cloud technology on premises
  • Using the AnIML data standard to store and share data from many measuring techniques in a mixed-vendor environment
  • Reducing costs by using web technologies to deliver analytical data to stakeholders