DGGF Jahrestagung 2014

September 18-19, 2014

Magdeburg, Germany


The DGGF International Meeting is a convention of quality management professionals in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Every autumn, it brings together several hundred experts from industrial companies, contract research organizations, hospitals and government agencies. The meeting’s wide range of topics allows attendees to update their professional knowledge, to gather valuable ideas for their day-to-day work, and to benefit from excellent net-working opportunities.

Our activities

Strategies for Long-Term Retention of Laboratory Data

Friday, 10:00 am, Berlin Room
Burkhard Schaefer


Managing and preserving scientific data, especially analytical data for long periods of time represents a significant challenge to an organization. Heterogeneous and proprietary file formats traditionally require the original vendor software to read data. Preserving such software for the extreme retention times required in the pharmaceutical industry is impractical.

This presentation outlines potential strategies for addressing the data retention challenges using open standard data formats such as AnIML. The goal is to minimize the dependency on proprietary software, thus reducing the number of software tools to deploy and maintain. This also reduces validation and revalidation efforts, as well as training, license and maintenance costs. We compare standards-driven approaches to conventional proprietary solutions by examining compliance aspects, risks, stability, validation strategies and the total cost of ownership.