Xavo integrates Seahorse Web Edition

Posted by on 17 September 2015 | Comments

We're delighted to welcome Xavo to our family of partners. Xavo has integrated Seahorse Web Edition into their Xavo Lab Logistics (XLL) product. XLL is an innovative sample management solution to track all kinds of activities in the laboratory. You can learn all about it on Xavo's web pages.

Within just a few days, Xavo's engineers integrated Seahorse Web Edition into their platform. Now you can review screening results directly from the sample management system. The result looks pretty impressive:

XLL integrates Seahorse Web Edition

This screenshot shows the data review step where scientists can review and approve results. 

The joint solution enables users to review analytical and biological screening results in the context of their sample management system. This end-to-end integration of instrument data into the screening workflow will lead to faster results, improved data quality, and reduced errors. XLL provides information about sample history and genealogy. So with the new integration, you can simply click on a sample, compound or measurement and instantly bring up all data ever acquired about it -- no matter which instrument it came from.

Besides embedding our visualization engine, XLL also supports reading AnIML data natively and extracting information from it to organize your results.

It was a pleasure to work with the team at Xavo in making the integration happen.

If you're at Miptec, make sure to visit Xavo (booth B62) or BSSN Software (booth A31) to see it in action.