Five new GC detector techniques for AnIML

Posted by Burkhard Schaefer on 24 October 2011 | Comments

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Over the past few weeks, Gary Kramer and I have worked on creating five new AnIML technique definitions for the most common GC detectors. We've chosen them based on feedback from the AnIML committee members. These new technique definitions allow us to represent GC experiments more completely in AnIML.

If you use Seahorse Scientific Workbench, you can view them using the integrated Technique Browser. We have pushed out the update to the Technique Catalog this afternoon. You can also view the technique documentation on the web at the following locations:

Electron Capture Detector

Flame Ionization Detector

Flame Photometric Detector

Nitrogen-Phosphorous Detector

Thermal Conductivity Detector

The documentation automatically updates as the technique definitions evolve.

We're now looking for feedback on these. So if you're into GC, we'd appreciate if you could take the time to look at these and post your feedback below. You can also contact us privately, if you prefer.