AnIML at Pittcon 2017

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AnIML Workshop at Pittcon 2017

On Tuesday morning, we'll be hosting the workshop session "Analytical Information Markup Language (AnIML) Data Standard in Action". The presentations will be according the following schedule from 8:30 to 11:50 am in room W176C:

Time Abstract Title
8.30 am Introductory Remarks (Burkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software)
8.35 am 1. Vendor-Neutral Analytical Data Exchange Using the AnIML Format (Burkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software)
9.05 am 2. Analytical Data Longevity and Management for Regulatory Compliance Using AnIML Format and Cloud Technologies (Viktor Iassinskii, Sciex)
9.35 am 3. Integration of LabWare and AnIML (Jim Brennan, LabWare)
10.05 am Recess
10.20 am 4. MS Data, AniML, and the Web: Migrating MS Data Curation, Searching and Visualization (Michael Braden, ChemAxon)
10.50 am 5. AnIML Empowers Long-Term Storage and Archiving of GC and LC Raw and Meta Data (Peter Maier, Scion Instruments)
11.20 am 6. Filling the Automation and Enterprise Gap with Data and Device Standardization (Carmen Condrau, SiLA Consortium)

Analytical Data Cloud

We are also proudly presenting our new Analytical Data Cloud. Have a look at the flyer and get in touch with us if you are interested.