AnIML Activities at Pittcon 2011

Posted by Burkhard Schaefer on 10 March 2011 | Comments

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As we're getting ready for Pittcon in Atlanta next week, I'm picking up on my tradition to collect the different AnIML-related activities at the conference into a blog post. So if you're interested in AnIML, SEDD or data standards in general, you're encouraged to attend. Don't miss our AnIML-in-Action Showcase in the exhibit area.


Long-Term Archiving of Laboratory Data (Short Course)
Half-day short course about storing laboratory data for the long term. Focuses on the use of XML and AnIML for archiving purposes.
Burkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, see the short course desk to register ($225-325)

Implementing AnIML 1.0
An entire session devoted to AnIML, the progress of the standard, and the collaboration with EPA SEDD.
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Room 408

  • Seeing the AnIML from 10000 Meters
    Burkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software
  • What AnIML is Not
    Gary W. Kramer, NIST
  • AnIML Technique Definition document for Chromatography
    Maren Fiege, Waters
  • Crosswalking AnIML with Legacy Data Formats
    Stuart J. Chalk, University of North Florida
  • U.S. EPA's Staged Electronic Data Delivery Format
    Anand Mudambi, U.S. EPA
  • Implementing AnIML with SEDD Stage Four
    Joseph F. Solsky, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
    presented by Anand Mudambi


AnIML-in-Action Showcase by BSSN Software (Exhibition Area)
BSSN Software has set up a showcase of real-life AnIML applications. If you'd like to see AnIML running for yourself, stop by at booth 5155 and take a tour. We're showing our solutions to integrate AnIML into laboratory processes. Instrument and software vendors can learn about our OEM offerings to quickly bring AnIML functionality to their products. You can also see the integration of AnIML and SEDD in action.
Booth 5155


How can I share my data with others? (Conferee Networking Session)
In this networking session, conferees are invited to exchange opinions around standardized data sharing and result delivery. The main topic will be the use of AnIML in the next stage of the U.S. EPA's Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD). Anand Mudambi and I will kick off the session with a quick summary of the integration of SEDD and AnIML to get the discussion rolling. Please come and share your thoughs.
Anand Mudambi (US EPA), Joseph Solsky (USACE), Burkhard Schaefer (BSSN Software), Gary Kramer (NIST)
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM, Room 216B

Please leave a comment if you are aware of other Pittcon activities that should be on this list. I will add them then.