AnIML Activities at Pittcon 2012

Posted by Burkhard Schaefer on 6 March 2012 | Comments

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I'm happy to report that we're not the only ones showcasing AnIML-enabled solutions at Pittcon. It's great to see AnIML being picked up by others. After all, a standard is only a standard if organizations actually adopt it.

Analyze IQ Limited

Booth 3749

Analyze IQ offers highly sophisticated chemometric software for the analysis of spectroscopy data. Their technology tightly integrates with Seahorse Scientific Workbench, bringing first-class chemometrics capabilities to our AnIML platform. With our joint offering, users can analyze spectra of complex mixtures quickly and accurately -- independent of the instrument used.

BSSN Software

Booth 818

Our focus is on Contract Research Manager, our new software solution to manage relationships with external partners, such as CROs and contract laboratories. Besides, we're showing all of our AnIML tools and instrument file converters. Our converter library has been growing steadily over the past year. Seahorse Scientific Workbench now integrates with business process management systems and third-party scientific data management systems. You can find our other Pittcon activities, including short courses and podium presentations in the Events section of our site.

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Booth 1959, together with ATL

LABS/Q is an enterprise LIMS suite that provides a functional, scalabile, and validated platform. It features an integrated scientific data management system which now supports the new AnIML standard. Built-in converters and viewers allow users to capture, analyze, share, and archive data, and to use instrument-specific raw data transparently and continuously over long periods of time without opening the original software.