ELN and LIMS Instrument Integration

Integrating instruments with ELN, LIMS, and ERP (SAP) systems used to be a major challenge. Data standards like AnIML allow simplifying this process by consolidating the number of interfaces required.

Traditionally, connecting an instrument to a LIMS or ELN meant establishing an interface for this specific type of instrument. There was no way around this since instruments provide data in different formats. Let's put a data standard into this picture. Rather than implementing a separate interface for every instrument used, a single AnIML interface could be established.

After an instrument run is complete, a data converter is used to transfer the instrument data into the AnIML format. This process could be run manually or fully automated. We would then extract the appropriate information from the AnIML document and send it to the target data system, such as a LIMS or ELN. No longer do we need a separate interface for each instrument.

Seahorse Scientific Workbench can be linked with a number of leading LIMS and ELN brands. This allows organizations to bring both result and raw data into their existing laboratory data systems.